Energy Efficiency Consultant Services in Charleston, SC

For more and more companies, it is less of a question about the benefits of transitioning to solar energy, but about finding the best options available. That is also where Energy Resource Group takes the lead as an energy efficiency consultant for commercial and industrial businesses seeking renewable energy solutions.

As a leading-edge energy sustainable consultant for businesses like schools, colleges, hospitals, big companies, malls, municipalities, and more, we are in the business of making renewable energy solutions a reality. If you are considering renewable energy or want help to transition to solar, you want an energy efficiency consultant like Energy Resource Group on your side.

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Make the Energy Efficiency Transition with Energy Resource Group

How should a company invest in solar energy resources? How much should a company invest? What is the expected ETA for your ROI? These are a few of the many questions that face companies considering the benefits of solar. And those are also questions a sustainable consultant at Energy Resource Group can help you get answers to.

Determining where and how a client should invest requires considerable information gathering, analysis, and work. For example, several site-specific factors will impact the viability of a renewable energy project. That includes considerations like the current cost of energy, federal grant opportunities, limitations of the roof structure, utility infrastructure, and more.

There are also vastly different utility and state policies regarding metering and financing renewable energy energy and solar transition projects. These factors also mean that two sites with similar energy load profiles and building sizes could look very different. That could result in one project having a simple 2-year payback plan while another initially similar-appearing project could require a 15-year payback plan.

Who We Are

Welcome to Energy Resource Group. We are professional energy efficiency consultants helping business owners on the journey to switching to renewable energy resources. We will start as your consultants, run reporting for your business, find contractors, help you in sourcing funding and grants for the project, and help with anything else along the journey.

To learn more about our services or how we can help your business make the renewable energy switch, contact us today. Energy Resource Group is your renewable energy solution.